Class of 83

Welcome Alumni! The Vredenburg High School Alumni Union are in the process of accumulating as much data about our Alumni (past pupils) that we can. We would like to have a web page for each Vredenburg High School Alumni, so that we can build our Alumni community and really enjoy, once again, those friendships that we started during our school years. If you know the whereabouts of any of the names listed below, please contact your Alumni Union by completing the form below. We are looking for any contact details that you may have.

Remember, this is your Union and our objective is to make it as comprehensive as possible for you, with your help...

CLASS OF 1983 - Acker Olga A -    Allen Wendy G -    Baard Madeleine -    Basson Ronel -    Basson Sophia C J -    Baxter Jillian M -    Beyers Benjamin D -    Boshoff Francina B -    Brand Maria J C -    Brewin Tarrin -    Conradie Nelia -    Crous Matthys L -    Dean Peter M -    De Lange Amanda -    Dipaola Margarietha E -    Dowding Phillipa M -    Du Plessis Alexander -    Du Preez Christina J -    Du Raan Tertia -    Du Toit Stephanus A -    Ehlers Frederick W N -    Engelbrecht Andries J A -    Erasmus Willem L -    Ernstzen Trevor Michael -    Evans Jeremy -    Fourie Abraham B P -    Geldenhuys Hayline -    Goddard Charlotte J -    Haupt Jorina -    Hayward Petrus P A -    Heyneman Annalien -    Hoskin Beverley -    Hugo Cornelia S -    Huisamen Nelmarie -    Hutchison Sharon L -    Janse Van Rensburg Anna E -    Jordaan Lizelle -    Kellerman Alwyn -    Kershoff Johanna -    Koegelenberg Rosina G -    Kotze Alwyn -    Kotze Sumanda -    Kotze Susanna M -    Kriek Jacobus A J -    Kruger Jacobus A J -    Kruger Marinda -    Laubscher Jacobus A -    Laubscher Cornelius J -    Laubscher Hendrik P -    Laubscher Sanet -    Le Roux Dalien C -    Le Roux Susanna J -    Lock Jacobus M -    Lotter Henda J -    Loubser Cecilia D -    Loubser Daniel T -    Louw Jennifer J -    Lourens Johannes C -    Malan Dirk J -    McGregor Andrew M -    Mocke Henrietta -    Moller Theunis C -    Nel Anthony C -    Novella Elizabeth -    O’Connell Carin E -    Pienaar Nicolaas E -    Prins Soritha Y -    Prinsloo Anna C G -    Reyneke Amanda -    Roberts Dominique -    Roberts Mirantia -    Ryke Laura-Gene -    Smit Gerda -    Smit Magdalena -    Smith Marita J -    Steenkamp Eloise -    Swanepoel Helen -    Taljaard Marlene -    Thaysen Mark S -    Theart Maree J C -    Thompson Natalie -    Tolken Juan -    Van Denhoek Edwin -    Van Der Walt Andries P -    Van Dyk Andre -    Van Dyk Christo -    Van Schalkwyk Theo-Adriaan -    Van Zyl Jurie M -    Venter Valencia A -    Visser Darrelle -    Van Weichardt Gail D -    Wiggett Valerie H

If you know the contact details of a Vredenburg High School Alumni on this page, please complete this form. Thank you!!!

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