Class of 85

Welcome Alumni! The Vredenburg High School Alumni Union are in the process of accumulating as much data about our Alumni (past pupils) that we can. We would like to have a web page for each Vredenburg High School Alumni, so that we can build our Alumni community and really enjoy, once again, those friendships that we started during our school years. If you know the whereabouts of any of the names listed below, please contact your Alumni Union by completing the form below. We are looking for any contact details that you may have.

Remember, this is your Union and our objective is to make it as comprehensive as possible for you, with your help...

CLASS OF 1985 - Agenbag Werner -    Allen Cheryl-Anne L -    Bal Gerrit -    Bernard Anneke -    Bester Joachim -    Blenkhorn Christopher G -    Bogershausen Tom -    Brand Jolanda -    Britz Andre -    Burger Margeretha -    Caldeira Maria R -    Carstens Erasmus J -    Colombo Johannes C -    Conradie Leonie -    Cumpsty Elmarie -    Davis-Hannibal Brent -    De Jager Deanne H -    De La Querra Bonnita M -    De Wit Hermare -    Du Buisson Elsabe -    Du Toit Carel G -    Flanagan Mark H -    Geldenhuys Deon -    Gomes Fernando A F -    Hassett Ann E -    Hofmeyr Nicolaas C -    Human Cynthia K -    Jacobusen Jacques -    Jones Clinton -    Jonker Desmond -    Jordaan Jacques -    Kidson Theresa -    Koegelenberg Hendrika C -    Koegelenberg Marius J -    Koegelenberg Stephanie J C -    Kotze Carolina M -    Kotze Tania -    Labuschagne Hilda V -    La Grange Hanlie -    Laubscher Paul J -    Le Roux Anita W -    Loubser Jaco -    Lous Werner -    Maas-Oksen Edward P -    Malherbe Phillipmus -    Manuel Gabriel A I D -    Maritz Jacques T -    Moller Christine Y -    Mouton Dorethea G -    Nel Annie E -    Nel Nicolaas H -    Nightingale James A -    Oelofse Jacobus W -    Portwig Johannes C -    Pozyn Natasha -    Pretorius Christiaan -    Prins Christiaan J D -    Rauh Inge -    Reitz Gertruida -    Rentzke Marthi -    Retief Frederik J G -    Shortle Heilette -    Slabber Amanda -    Smit Johannes N -    Smit Lizelle -    Smit Paula A -    Spies Ronald -    Sutherland Kathy -    Swart Wilhelm M -    Swiegers Erik -    Theart Erna -    Theart Johannes P -    Thiart Leana -    Thiart Madeleine -    Treurnicht Lizda -    Valentyn Jacobus J -    Van As Esta -    Van Den Berg Amelia -    Van Der Merwe Schalk W -    Van Dorp Frederik G A -    Van Dyk Nadine -    Van Heerden Anna J E -    Van Zyl Wynand P -    Visser Willem A -    Webster Tamara J -    Weibel Jeanine -    Weibel Marlon O -    Wichmann Mariana -    Woodend Jennifer C -    Ziegelmeier Heidi -    Murphy Deanne H

If you know the contact details of a Vredenburg High School Alumni on this page, please complete this form. Thank you!!!

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