Class of 86

Welcome Alumni! The Vredenburg High School Alumni Union are in the process of accumulating as much data about our Alumni (past pupils) that we can. We would like to have a web page for each Vredenburg High School Alumni, so that we can build our Alumni community and really enjoy, once again, those friendships that we started during our school years. If you know the whereabouts of any of the names listed below, please contact your Alumni Union by completing the form below. We are looking for any contact details that you may have.

Remember, this is your Union and our objective is to make it as comprehensive as possible for you, with your help...

CLASS OF 1986 - Barnard Heinie -    Bester Dorathea -    Bester Gertruida J -    Binos Steven J -    Bradley Jacqueline -    Brand Dirk J -    Brewin Velete -    Brits Elizabeth J M -    Burger Francois S -    Burger Liza C -    Camacho Alfredo F -    Carr Colleen -    Cillie Gertina J -    Coomer Janine A -    Cronje Renate -    Crous Gerhard J -    De Goede Jacobus G -    De Kock Deon J -    Duncan Paul M -    Du Toit Johanna A -    Ebersohn Marese F -    Elling Rene -    Esterhuyse Daniel C -    Ferreira Marius R -    Flanagan Craig W -    Gallowitz Charmain -    Greeff Alton -    Hanekom Karen -    Helfrich Wynand L -    Heyns Karen -    Horak Ansa -    Hunt Gregory C -    Jansen Van Rensburg Daniel -    Jenkins Elmar -    Jonker Retha -    Knoetze Hendri -    Kolbe George A -    Kotze Cornelia M -    Kotze Jacobus J -    Kotze Johan -    Kotze Johannes J -    Kotze Lana -    Kustner Michael -    Laubscher Aletta M -    Lewis Peter -    Liebenberg Loretta -    Loubser Elizabeth D -    Loubser Hester A -    Lourens Eben -    Louw Anina -    Louwrens Martha M -    Luttig Michael -    Maas-Olsen Pearl G -    Maclachlan Marietha -    Malan Arabella E -    Malan Marie M -    Marques Christina M A -    Mclean Mark O -    Mostert Coenraad H -    Mostert Heiletje A -    Mouton Abraham J -    Mouton Johanna C L -    Murdoch Anthony J H -    Myburgh Christa -    Nightingale Elizabeth A -    Olivier Carla -    Oosthuizen Eloise -    Pauw Petrus J -    Pienaar Adriaan -    Piggott Peter S -    Potgieter Daniel T -    Pretorius Andries P -    Rossler Marianna J -    Roux Danielle -    Schnabel Amanda -    Slabber Sean -    Smit De Wet -    Smit Hanneke -    Smith Walter A -    Struwig Pieter D -    Sutton Dru S -    Taljaard Hendrik A -    Theart Andries C -    Theart Relda -    Tredoux Jeanette R -    Turner Edward A -    Van Breukelen Anamarie -    Van Der Merwe Brenda -    Van Der Merwe Henk -    Van Der Merwe Riana -    Van Dorp Coenraad F J -    Van Jaarsveld Sybrand A -    Van Niekerk John E -    Van Niekerk Liesl C -    Van Schalkwyk Maria F -    Van Schalkwyk Stiaan -    Van Schalkwyk Tobie -    Van Zyl Aletta M -    Van Zyl Andries W -    Verwey Gary A -    Wessels Charmaine J -    Wichmann Karen -    Williams Cara -    Wolmarans Fredrika E -    Bekker Helena

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