Class of 88

Welcome Alumni! The Vredenburg High School Alumni Union are in the process of accumulating as much data about our Alumni (past pupils) that we can. We would like to have a web page for each Vredenburg High School Alumni, so that we can build our Alumni community and really enjoy, once again, those friendships that we started during our school years. If you know the whereabouts of any of the names listed below, please contact your Alumni Union by completing the form below. We are looking for any contact details that you may have.

Remember, this is your Union and our objective is to make it as comprehensive as possible for you, with your help...

CLASS OF 1988 - Adriaanse Jacques P N -    Baard Morne -    Bal Petrus -    Bessenger Monique M -    Bester Ernst -    Bester Gerida -    Beyers Ronald J -    Bezuidenhout Leonard B -    Bodenstein Wayne K -    Botes Anoinette -    Botes Marioline -    Brand Annareen -    Brits Jacqueline M -    Britz Natasia -    Brown Trevor D -    Camacho Rosolino M -    Carstens Cornelia J -    Carstens Daneel -    Cambers Maureen -    Clark Anthea -    Colyn Yolanda -    Conradie Davida -    Conradie Francois D -    De Jong Anceria -    De Koch Ilze A -    De Koch Magdalena -    Dipaola Helona -    Du Plooy Lourine -    Du Pre Dewald S -    Fernandes Ivo M -    Fernandes Ivone M -    Gerber Steve J -    Goosen Shawn J -    Greeff Matthys -    Grundlingh Ruan -    Guthrie Bernadene -    Hagen Quentin N -    Hassett James H -    Hoppzak Carla -    Human Andre -    Huysamen Ionetta B -    Jacobusen Elana -    Joone Maureen E -    Jordaan Jacques A -    Jordaan Gideon -    Koegelenberg Ioa T -    Koegelenberg Johannes C -    Koekemoer Melanie -    Kolver Linde A -    Kotze Alwies CC -    Kotze Renate -    Kotze Tina F -    Krugel Charl -    La Grange Marius -    Laubscher Aletta M -    Lawrence Sancheo -    Leib George L -    Le Roux Dailina B -    Le Roux Johanna P -    Liebenberg Frederick S -    Luttig Sandra -    Malan Jacques P N -    Mans Marilize -    Matthee Almare -    Meding Benita -    Meyer Milton D -    Meyer Petro -    Mouton Ivan A -    Muller Ilana J -    Myburgh Lambertus P -    Myburgh Patrick H -    Nagel Hein E -    Nel Christoffel F -    Nel Willem J -    Nelson Warrin J -    Oelofse Christo -    Olivier Johanna G -    Pauw Werner N -    Potgieter Antonio -    Pretorius Andre -    Redelinghuys Jacobus -    Retief Jean D -    Richard Melinda -    Rix Melinda -    Roux Barend N -    Schmidlin Pierre J -    Senger Christal M -    Siebrits Merina -    Snyman Jacomina P -    Steenkamp Adriana C -    Stemmet Hermanus J -    Steyn David E -    Steyn Leon -    Strauss Marius S -    Surridge David J -    Swanepoel Corine S -    Swart Johannes C -    Taal Ida A -    Thiart Elizma -    Tofte Dalmaine -    Tolken Cornel -    Trollip Zelda A -    Truter Aletta M -    Truter Alwyn N -    Turner Francois D -    Uys Dirk C -    Van Biljon Lorandi -    Van Rensburg Jacques -    Van Schalkwyk Corne -    Van Schalkwyk Dewald S -    Van Tonder Chantall -    Van Wyk Maria U -    Van Wyk Marius B -    Van Zyl Dante -    Venter Marius J -    Vermeulen Abraham K -    Visser Helana E -    Visser Doretha -    Vos Dirk J -    Welgemoed Deon -    Wessels James J -    West Brett -    Wilkinson Sania -    Wilson Gavin R

If you know the contact details of a Vredenburg High School Alumni on this page, please complete this form. Thank you!!!

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