Class of 90

Welcome Alumni! The Vredenburg High School Alumni Union are in the process of accumulating as much data about our Alumni (past pupils) that we can. We would like to have a web page for each Vredenburg High School Alumni, so that we can build our Alumni community and really enjoy, once again, those friendships that we started during our school years. If you know the whereabouts of any of the names listed below, please contact your Alumni Union by completing the form below. We are looking for any contact details that you may have.

Remember, this is your Union and our objective is to make it as comprehensive as possible for you, with your help...

CLASS OF 1990 - Ashmore Marguerite M -    Badenhorst Lowina E -    Bernardo Daniel J -    Bester Amanda -    Bester Herman -    Beukman Christoffel O -    Botha Bernita Y -    Botha Hennie -    Bradley Amanda -    Brand Petrus A J -    Bruwer Willem F J -    Burger Ree -    Caria Pedro A C -    Carstens Andrihette -    Chalmers Elreda -    Cilliers Francois -    Claassen Marcelle -    Coetzee Jacoba J -    Coetzee Jacobus H N -    Coetzer Amanda -    Conradie Francois J -    Conradie Margaretha G -    Cronje Pieter C -    Cruywagen Michelle -    Currie David C -    De Kock Frans J -    De Lima Alda M -    Dippenaar Hester H -    Du Plooy Liandra -    Du Raan Letitia -    Du Toit Karin L -    Du Toit Mariette D -    Du Toit Suzette -    Du Toit Yolanda A -    Ehlers Babeta A -    Erasmus Adel S -    Fargher Yolanda A -    Gous Andries P J -    Groenewald Werner C -    Grundlingh Aletia -    Heyns Lindie -    Holt Marc B -    Hough Andries M G -    Jansen Van Rensburg Linda -    Jordaan Jolette -    Koegelenberg Christoffel O -    Koegelenberg Ryno -    Kotze Alwyn J J -    Kotze Christiaan J P -    Kotze Madeleine -    Kurtz Linda D -    Laubscher Jerome R -    Le Roux Arie Z -    Le Roux Elzette -    Lewis Brent C H -    Liebenberg Alwyn D N -    Lochner George P -    Louw Arend L M -    Maclachlan Linda -    Malan Riana -    Malan Tilana -    Matthysen Coenraad S -    Meiring Altus T -    Meyer Belinda P -    Mills Jacqueline -    Mitchell Andre F -    Mitchley Cedric P -    Mitchley Sean A -    Mostert Colette -    Mostert Ilze -    Mostert Reanne -    Mouton Lonelle -    Murdoch Craig J -    Neethling Anna D -    Norman Richard -    North Tamasine C -    Olivier Andre F -    Pauw Carel A H -    Paxton Johanna F -    Pienaar Rejuan -    Plowman Mario -    Prinsloo Pieter W -    Rabe Christelle -    Robinson Gillian L -    Sadie Eben -    Scherer  Ursula -    Schnabel Emil J -    Slabber Johannes P -    Slabbert Gert S -    Slabbert Mariska R -    Smit Alwyn J J -    Smit Francois -    Smit Hanle -    Smit Francois -    Smit Andries J -    Snyman Jacobus P -    Snyman Truter -    Spenceley Gordon -    Steyn Gerhardus K -    Steyn Hein E -    Strydom Louisa J -    Strydom Michiel O -    Taljaard Ryno J -    Tallie Anton -    Tallie Natasha -    Theart Suretha -    Theron Gilbert -    Thiart Teresa -    Tolken Johanna J -    Traut Melanie C -    Truter Liezl -    Van Der Heever Marlene -    Van Der Merwe Justus -    Van Der Westhuizen Jolanda K -    Van Der Westhuizen Marne -    Van Niekerk Christopher H -    Van Rensburg Jaco M -    Van Rhyn Christoffel C -    Van Wyk Daniel W -    Van Zyl Monique -    Van Zyl Pauline -    Veer Hendrik J -    Von Weichardt Lisa G -    Vorster Barry P -    White Helene -    Wickens Michelle

If you know the contact details of a Vredenburg High School Alumni on this page, please complete this form. Thank you!!!

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